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our town, which is a well-known holidaying spot in Franconian Switzerland, offers you tourist, cultural, sporting and shopping opportunities, all in a very beautiful and attractive area. The quality of living, the good schools and childcare facilities, a range of shops and the proximity to nearby cities (Bayreuth, Bamberg & Nürnberg) are also great aspects about our little town.

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Our town – a brief profile of Hollfeld

1017 was the first time that Hollfeld appeared on records, so therefore in a few years our town will be celebrating its 1000th year anniversary. The central location of Hollfeld comes from the intersection of trade routes from Bamberg and Bayreuth to get to Nuremberg. Today you can still get to these cities relatively quickly from Hollfeld.

Hollfeld is located 402 metres above sea level and has about 2,800 inhabitants. If you include the surrounding villages there are about 5,400 inhabitants and the total number of inhabitants of the administrative area Hollfeld-Aufseß-Plankenfels amounts to 8,000 inhabitants.

The town is very family-friendly and has two nursery schools (kindergartens), a primary and a comprehensive school, a music school and an adult education centre.

Hollfeld is in northern Franconian Switzerland and the rivers Wiesent and Kainach run through it. It is the basis of many walks and cycling and motor biking tours. Hollfeld has a Nordic walking centre and an "artists' quarter", which has a museum. Other sights to have a look at are the terraced gardens, the landmark St. Gangolf church and the Rosen-, Kunst- und Gartentage. Visit Hollfeld and experience life in our diverse town.

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