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Culture, Arts, Museums & Artists

FränkischerTheatersommer – Landesbühne Oberfranken

For more than 2 decades there has been the FränkischerTheatersommer; this year the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company impresses its audiences by its unique choice of scenery and setting, for example there are often shows in castles and market squares. The different theatre groups around, entertaining not only young people but older people, too with their comedy plays. Although they mostly perform comedies, the FränkischerTheatersommer also performs cabarets and other genres too.

More information about the shows is on their website: »

Art and museums

Since 2000 there have been several exhibitions in the old “Weiße Taube” (white dove) brewery (it has been converted into an art gallery/museum). The upstairs exhibits are of old shops, such as an old dental surgery, a hairdresser’s, and ….

On the ground floor, the red and grey room is used to host different artists’ exhibits throughout the year (normally the exhibits change every three months). Each summer the international art exhibition is found here.

Going up the staircase there are often pictures on show, which have been done by Franconian artists.
Opposite the museum is the Café Moritz, which has a rustic atmosphere to it.
Opening Times:
Tuesday-Thursday: 13.00-17.00
Sunday: 14.00-16.00
Phone number: 09274/9800

Franconian Switzerland’s museum barn

In 1933 a barn in the “Judengasse” was converted into the “Museumsscheune in der FränksichenSchweiz” (Franconian Switzerland’s museum barn).

Now on show there are tools and equipment which were used by the tradesmen, who used to live in the surrounding area of Hollfeld. The visitors to the barn can experience how the region was worked agriculturally and cultivated. On the ground floor, tools which were used in the soil management, are exhibited; they were used to bring in the harvest and to transport the crops. Also an old blacksmith and a pottery workshop, complete with potter’s wheels, earthenware pots and clay products, can be viewed on this floor.
On the top floor, there are workshops from traditional occupations of this region.
In this museum, you are able to see into the working life of the people who lived here in the past.
If you ask, the museum will offer special guided tours for children’s groups.

Artists and their studios

Hollfeld is particularly popular with people who are interested in art and culture, as it has a wonderful, arty side of town; located in the Eiergasse. The “Ideenhaus”, which has a colourful front, called the “BlauerTurm” (blue tower) and “Brennende Wand” (burning wall), is one of the landmarks of Hollfeld. In “Kunst und Museum” you can find exhibitions that change quarterly, there are also displays of art from local Franconian artists and model shops from the early 20th century. An old watchmaker workshop can also be found on the top floor. Around the “Eiergasse”, there are various artists’ workshops, for example: the studio of the artist and sculptor Axel Luther, and the “KeramikimBlauenHaus” (potter in the blue house). The Café Moritz, which is found opposite the “BlauenHaus”, apart from the delicious cuisine, also has many figures (made of different materials and created by the artist Christian Degen), which are all exhibited in the pub’s big beer garden.

Artists' studios and workshops in Hollfeld


The Ideenhaus with its BlauerTurm, the Brennende Wand (burning wall), the Kunst und Museum (Art & Museum) and Axel Luther’s (an artist) workshop make up the art and culture scene in Hollfeld. The brewery Weiße Taube (white dove) used to be there, too; it opened in 1769, but the business closed in 1974. Opening Times:
Tuesday & Thursday: 13.00 until 17.00
Sunday: 14.00 until 16.00

BlauerTurm (blue tower)
The renovation of the former brewery tower of the Weiße Taube brewery, to the BlauerTurm, was a particular design project in Upper Franconia. Thomas Brix, who is an artist from Eckersdorf, designed the front of the tower. It’s designed with different shades of blue, gold and silver and at night the building is floodlit.

Brennende Wand (burning wall)
The artist Axel Luther designed the front of the Ideenhaus as a BrennendeWand in 2008. It shows hunting scenes from the past. The Brennende Wand is also floodlit at night.