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The Castles of Hollfeld

Around Hollfeld there are many castles, of which some of them can be visited. Below is some information about the history of the castles in Freienfels and Wiesentfels.

Castle Freienfels

Schloss Freienfels

Imposante Lage am steilen Fels

Sheer rock walls and two moats surround the castle, which overlooks Freienfels. Unfortunately today you can’t go into it, because it’s owned privately. But it does have an interesting history:

  • 13th century: The castle was built on public land by the knight Otto von Aufseß.
  • 1490: The village of Freienfels was established.
  • 1525: The castle was destroyed during the “Bauernkrieg” (farmers’ war), and then rebuilt by the knight Pankraz von Aufseß.
  • During the Thirty Years War (until 1649): Freienfels, and therefore the castle too, was occupied by the Swedes and the people from Bamberg.
  • 1681: The family von Aufseß bought back the castle.
  • 1690: The castle was then sold to Carl Siegmund, a baron from Aufseß, who tore it down.
  • 1693-1701: Siegmund rebuilt a new castle on the same foundations as the previous castle.
  • Between 1867 and 1887: The castle was sold several times to different people.
  • 1887: The family von Aufseß bought the castle back again.
  • Between 1918 and 1949: several different people again owned the castle.
  • 1949: The castle was eventually sold to a private owner.

Castle Wiesentfels

The village of Wiesentfels has a beautiful castle, which was built on a 40 metre high hill. Due to the lovely atmosphere there, the summer theatre company in Franconian Switzerland often perform their plays in the castle.
From Easter to the end of September there are guided tours of the castle every Sunday at 2 and 3pm.

  • 1476: The castle was built by Dietz and Otto von Giech.
  • 1525: The castle is ransacked by farmers from Hollfeld.
  • 1630: The GiechsfromWiesentfels die out.
  • 1654: After years of disputes, the ownership of the castle is given to the Giechs from Thurnau.
  • 1943: The police from Nuremburg used it as a storehouse, and during the war the Richard Wagner museum also stored things there.
  • 1945: The American occupied the castle for a short period of time.
  • 1946-1956: The castle is used as a refugee camp for the deported from the Sudentenland and Altvatersgebirge.
  • 1969: Sale to Frau Dr. Elisabeth Bender-Fughe, who died in 2003.
  • 2009: The Uhlmann family become the new owners of the castle.
  • From 2010: The castle chapel has been open to the public for civil marriages.